Bureau for National Development

Lead person: Associate Professor Dr. Ke Guek Nee

The workgroups are in the following areas:

  • Uniting our Nation: Reducing racial and religious prejudice; Coming to terms with greater diversity in Malaysia.

  • Managing Disasters: Post Disaster Interventions; Helping affected populations and disaster response workers.

  • Developing our Workforce: Increasing productivity via the Transformation of the Workforce’s Thinking Paradigm; Increasing Engagement, Health, Happiness and Meaning; Encouraging Entrepreneurship.

  • Reducing Crime: Crime prevention interventions; Helping victims of crime recover.

  • Using Technology in Healthy and Effective Ways: Understanding and managing unhealthy usage of technology (cyber addiction, cyber bullying, cyber crime); Maximizing technology to improve wellbeing and productivity.

  • Improving our Health: Reducing obesity by encouraging healthy dieting and exercise;

  • Helping our Youth: Understanding and managing adolescent problem behaviours; Helping adolescents find meaning, direction, identity and purpose.

  • Caring for our Elderly: Gerontology: Understanding issues of The Forgotten People; Identifying key factors to improve wellbeing of elderly.

  • Revitalizing our Schools: Developing 21st century students’ thinking skills; Creating a safe school environment by reducing bullying, violence; Reducing academic failure and drop out rates.

  • Eradicating Poverty: Understanding and managing psychological factors that contribute to poverty; Developing entrepreneurial activity among impoverished communities; Reducing apathy among general population; Special focus on indigenous populations.

  • Mental Health: Strengthening mental health services in Malaysia including the detection and management of mental health issues; Increasing public awareness of mental health issues.

How you can help?

We are looking for academics, practitioners and postgraduate students who are currently doing work in these areas, or who have a interests in working in these areas, to join the different work teams. If you are interested in joining one of these work teams, please contact Associate Professor Dr Ke Guek Nee at g.n.ke@hw.ac.uk