Executive Council



Associate Prof. Dr. Rozainee Khairudin

Scope of Work: Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Cognitive NeuroscienceOffice Address: Pusat Pengajian Psikologi dan Pembangunan Manusia, FSSK, UKM, Bangi.

Vice President

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman

Scope of Work: Test and Measurements, Statistics, SEM Model Testing, Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingOffice Address: Pusat Pengajian Psikologi dan Pembangunan Manusia, FSSK, UKM, Bang.

Former President

Prof. Dr. Hairul Nizam Ismail

Prof. Dr. Hairul Nizam Ismail received his PhD (Educational Psychology/ Instructional System Technology) from Indiana University-Bloomington in 1999, with specialization in the area of learning and cognition. Since that year, Dr. Hairul has served as the faculty member at the School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia. For the past eleven years, Dr. Hairul has been teaching many university courses related to educational psychology, child psychology, cognitive psychology, guidance and counseling, multiple intelligences, gifted and talented, thinking and reasoning, and psychological testing.
Furthermore, he has embarked on numerous research projects pertaining to topics concerning problem based learning, ICT and education, stress, pre-school, educational databases, ethnic interactions, and differences between male and female students. He has also written numerous journal and magazine articles, research monographs, as well as book chapters in similar topic areas.



Assistant Secretary

Exco Members