New Section in jurnal psikologi malaysia: Short Communication

A New Section in Jurnal Psikologi Malaysia

Although it is mentioned in the guide for submission, Short Communications was not established as a section in JPM. As part of the Journal's strategic plan this year, a new section for Short Communications has been formally created. The policy statement for this section is as below.

Now you have more options to submit papers to JPM. For the May issue, the deadline for manuscript submission is 31 January. Please contact the Editors for inquiries about submissions.

Short Communication Section's Policy Statement

Articles in this section should be no more than 3,000 words inclusive of references, figures, tables and other materials. The abstract should not exceed 150 words. The short communication papers should ideally focus on a single study that report new ideas or recent developments in psychology. They could also report a part of a bigger study that does not really fit the regular papers. A 'negative' result (e.g. psychological scale with low reliability or poor factor structure) could also be reported as a short communication.

Harris Shah Abd Hamid

Editor-in-Chief, JPM

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