Lead person: Prof. Dr. Rozmi bin Ismailย 

There is an increasing awareness in todayโ€™s society on the important role of psychology in solving problems and crisis interventions. The number of practitioners in the field of psychology are also on the rise, which makes it crucial to ensure that a person is a qualified practitioner when handling specific issues. Hence, an Act is required in order to ensure that an individual is recognised as a qualified practitioner, and to guarantee the rights of a consumer is ensured by protecting the clientsโ€™ mental well-being. One of PSIMAโ€™s aim is to prevent members of the public from being deceived by organisations who offer psychological services and claim to be qualified practitioners in the field of psychology with no proof. The Psychology Act will be used to identify and monitor practitioners who claim to possess expertise in the field of psychology, and ultimately ensuring a systematic and efficient method of regulating and managing qualified mental health practitioners is established.

The Bureau for the Psychology Act is established in the hopes of achieving one of PSIMAโ€™s main goals, which is the enforcement of the Psychology Act in Malaysia. At the moment, PSIMA is in close collaboration with the Public Service Department (JPA) to make this dream a reality. The committee for the Psychology Act is planning to ensure that the Psychology Act will be presented and approved in Parliament in the near future.

As such, we hope that individuals of importance, especially experts and practitioners in the field of psychology are able to join our quest of turning this dream into a reality by providing expert opinions and ideas.

How you can help?

We are currently looking for organisations/companies/individuals who are or planning to provide psychological services to the community to join as collaborative partners by providing ideas in the establishment of the Psychology Act.

If you are an expert in the field of psychology or legislation, you are highly welcomed to provide expert opinion by being a committee member of the Bureau.

For more information, please contact Prof. Dr. Rozmi bin Ismail via email rozmi@ukm.edu.my.